Where Aesthetics Meets Excellence

Hala founded Ibeauty By Halz with the aim to provide her clients with the highest quality products and services without exception. You can trust Ibeauty By Halz to deliver you the very best in both eyelash extension application and beauty products.

Hala's passion has allowed her to master the art of applying eyelash extensions. if you are tired of spending money on eyelash extensions only to have them poorly applied, clump together, pull at your skin, or see them falling out and taking your lashes with them, many of Ibeauty By Halz customers felt the same way before they discovered Hala. Wearing eyelash extensions should not feel like you are wearing anything they should be a breeze to apply. This is how quality eyelash extensions meant to be. 

Our vision for Ibeauty By Halz is to provide you with quality products at an affordable price and to be your one stop shop for all your beauty needs.